Budapest: Day 4

It's Monday (first day of school)! I wake up to a cloudy Pest, luckily it just started raining and my computer/other electronics sitting by the window are not wet yet. I also woke up to a big bug(?) bite on my left wrist. It kind of creeped me out to be honest. I got my Soylent ready and headed to school; then I realized that my first class was at 2pm and it was 9am.

Given all these newfound free time, I decided to get a haircut. The place was supposed to open at 9am, according to Google Maps; I showed up at around 9:45 and the person at the counter seemed like didn't want to take customers until later haha, so without understanding much of what she said, I left. After walking for some blocks, I found a coffee place called Pilot Cafe which had amazing Hungarians and great food. These people were actually half french half Hungarian (or something like that), they suggested a bunch of places for me to visit and also advised me to go back to the hair salon at around 10:30am. I walked to the House of Terror, saw it from the outside, and visited some other landmarks before heading to the hair salon again. It turned out that the woman was very nice and she was just setting up that early in the morning, not expecting anyone to show up without an appointment. We chatted, she washed my hair like three times haha (I don't know if that's a good service sign or a poor hygiene on my side sign), I paid, and I left for school.

I was early again (I'm really proud of this whole being early to class thing I'm exploring), it gave me time to talk with the program coordinators about opening a bank account so that I could take advantage of PayPal's considerably lower fees compared to Chase. I did that for a bit, had my Soylent, and checked some emails. Then I headed to my Networks class -- it's like applied graph theory, with vertices being called nodes and edges links haha.

After Networks I had Graph Theory, back to back. It was honestly such an interesting class. I actually really liked the first lecture; the professor didn't use a projector (big plus) and we jumped right into theory instead of doing class introductions. After school I had lunch at a really delicious Thai place, went to the supermarket to get some groceries, successfully cooked chicken for the rest of the week (yes, this is going to be a chicken for breakfast/lunch week), and did some homework (or at least attempted to do some homework). I think my internal clock is stabilizing a little bit now :)

Hopefully I wake up early for class tomorrow too!



Cite your sources for cooking chicken jeez