Budapest: Day 3

Today's Sunday and I really don't want to wake up and go to AIT. Yesterday was a fun night with my roommates; we went to Szimpla and some other ruin pubs as well as a random club -- a long and worthy night. I found Carlo on my way home, at around 3am taking the Tram back home by himself. Apparently he got kicked out of a club and took the tram on the wrong direction for 10 stops haha. The worst part is that he lost his keys; he doesn't know yet, we'll realize it later this afternoon.

We finally made it to AIT on time for the program :) I was actually very early for some reason, like I was probably the first person there. I guess I had the typical pre first day of classes adrenaline rush. The day doesn't get better though -- we sit through a full day of class presentations so that we can finally choose our semester schedule. I ended up choosing Complex Networks, Graph Theory, Data Mining, Budapest Studies, and History of Hungarian Music (read: a class on Liszt).

After sitting for four exciting hours listening to people glorify the topics they teach, we proceeded to engage in a less physically demanding activity: Hungarian folk dancing. It was honestly very fun and I really liked the instruments they were playing. I'm now trying to find a Hungarian folk festival to attend :)

Well, there's not much description I could write that will actually represent this dance so you could find it on YouTube and get a better idea of what we were doing :)

After that, at around 6pm and me having slept 4 hours in the last 4 days (and being awake for 10 hours today) I decide that it was going to be a good idea to catch up on email. It was actually not bad, most of my emails were non professional so they were easy to handle. I emailed a couple of recruiters and called it a day.

Literally got home (about 50 minute commute) and insta-passed out at 8pm; woke up at 3am and had a hard time falling back to sleep lol. Hopefully my sleep schedule gets corrected soon. Goodnight!


Tony the Terrible

This is good content haha.