Budapest: Day 1

Yesterday, I landed in Copenhagen from New York and flew in to Budapest. My program manager showed me my apartment, some sections of the city, and where to find public transportation.

After all that jazz, I met up with my friend Stephen who's doing a different program than me and got dinner at a local "italian(?)" joint. This is where stuff starts getting interesting. A full pizza pie and a 1 liter beer costs about 2,000 HUF (Hungarian Fornit), which is less than 7.50 dollars. I was very impressed. We kept walking and found a corner store, where we bought a bottle of red wine, for about 230 HUF (less than a dollar). At this point I'm flipping out, very excited about the prices of food/beer/wine in the city.

Later that night we went to a club, instead of taking public transportation we walked about 10-15 blocks. I really liked the fact that mostly everything is old and historically significant. Most buildings are extremely beautiful, you do get some communist-esque structures (usually lifeless blocks) here and there.

I learned something about the city, Budapest is a city comprised of two little cities(?) or districts(?), Buda and Pest. If you see a map of the city, the river is the divider between Buda and Pest. If the map is north oriented, Buda is to the left and Pest to the right. You could also distinguish them by their hills; Buda tends to be really hilly and Pest is more of a valley.

Now I'm going to get food with one of my roommates (apartment mates or whatever).

I'll try to post at least once a week, hopefully daily :)


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